Dr David Kelly

Dr David Kelly holds a position as Lecturer in Sport Science in the Department of Sport and Health at TUS. David teaches across the Sport Science, Athletic Therapy and Physical Activity programs, specifically in the area of human physiology and performance testing. He has obtained a BSc in Sport Science and Health (2010) and a PhD in Exercise Physiology (2014), both at DCU. His doctoral studies investigated high intensity interval training and repeated sprinting in field based invasion team sport athletes. David is a member of the Irish Society for Sport and Human Performance and also part of the Exercise is Medicine (EIM) Ireland National Centre Advisory Board. David has supervised multiple students to masters in exercise science (MSc) and is currently supervising and co-supervising a number of PhD students. His research utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach through the use of concurrent physiological, nutritional, and biomechanical methodologies. David’s current area of research interest is in training specificity, athlete workload monitoring and performance profiling of elite and sub-elite team sport athletes.