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Dr Niamh Ní Chéilleachair

Dr Niamh Ní Chéilleachair is course co-ordinator and lecturer on the BSc (Hons) in Sports Science with Exercise Physiology where she has lectured across several modules specialising the delivery of Physiology for the High Performance Athlete.

Niamh graduated from the University of Limerick with a BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Sciences and a PhD, which incorporated a multi- disciplinary approach to investigate alternative training methods for endurance athletes.

Niamh is also an accredited Performance Physiologist with the Sport Ireland Institute and has worked with high performance athletes across a range of sports including rowing, swimming and athletics. Her research interests are of a multi-disciplinary, applied sports science nature involving physiological and biomechanical approaches to improve the performance of well-trained and elite athletes.

To date Niamh has supervised a number of Masters students across the discipline of Sports Science and is currently supervising PhD students investigating methods of improving performance in team sport athletes, including high intensity interval training and resisted sprinting, in addition to PhD students investigating fundamental movement skills in Irish primary school children and the psychology of musculoskeletal injury.

Niamh's Research Projects


Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) in Irish Primary School Children.

Children who are proficient in a broad range of FMS ...

Social Factors Influencing the Attainment of Longevity in the Irish Centenarian Population:

The rise in centenarian populations globally has become an ...

The Effects of SIT on Performance in Team Sport Athletes:

SIT is a form of high intensity interval training in which ...

The Development of Sprint Performance in Field Based Invasion Team Sport Athletes:

The proposed research involves a Systematic ...

The Contribution of Organised Sport to Youth Physical Activity Levels.

this research aimed to examine the physical activity levels of male ...

The Psychology of Musculoskeletal Injury in Elite and Recreational Gaelic Footballers.

Mental health is an ever-growing concern in modern society ...

Niamh's Peer Reviewed Publications

O'Connor, S., Whyte, E. and Ní Chéilleachair, N. (2020). Sport and recreation musculoskeletal injuries in Irish primary school children. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise

O’Keeffe, S., O’Connor, S., Ní Chéilleachair N. (2020). Are Internal Training Load Measures Associated with Injuries in Male Adolescent Gaelic Football Players? European Journal of Sport Science. 20(2), pp.249-260.

O’Keeffe, S., Ní Chéilleachair N., O’Connor, S. (2019). Fear-Avoidance Following Musculoskeletal Injury in Male Adolescent Gaelic Footballers. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. 

Kelly, L., O’Connor, S., Harrison, A. J. and Ní Chéilleachair, N. J. (2019). Does fundamental movement skill proficiency vary by sex, class group or weight status? Evidence from an Irish primary school setting. Journal of Sports Sciences, 37(9), 1055-1063.

Kelly, L., O’Connor, S., Harrison, A. J. and Ní Chéilleachair, N. J. (2020). Effects of an 8-week school-based intervention programme on Irish school children's fundamental movement skills. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, (online first).