Michèle Renard

Michèle completed his undergraduate studies at Kingston university in London, graduating with a 1st class honours degree in exercise nutrition and health. Following this he completed a master’s degree in applied sports nutrition at St Mary’s Twickenham university in London. He also has applied experience from both commercial and clinical settings. Including roles as a freelance sports nutritionist, clinical health advisor and personal trainer.


Sports Nutrition in Team Sport Athletes

Project About

His current research focuses on sport nutrition within team sport athletes. Ongoing projects include evaluating the adequacy of dietary intake by female team sport athletes and how this may impact both health and performance, investigating the sports nutrition knowledge of athletes and how this may influence dietary intake and exploring the cooking and food skills of team sport athletes.

Practical Impact of Project

Michèle’s project aims to provide an educational framework and practical tools to support optimum nutrition in team sport athletes.

Major finding of project

Michèle’s systematic literature review identified that the dietary intake of female field-based team sport athletes was insufficient in overall energy, carbohydrate, and iron intake, when compared to recommendations. His investigations into the nutrition knowledge of female Gaelic games highlighted that future education interventions with female Gaelic games players may lead to beneficial changes in dietary behaviour and would likely benefit from stratifying content based on athletes’ demographic characteristics.


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Dr Ciarán Ó Catháin, Dr David Kelly, Dr Niamh Ní Chéilleachair