The Role of the Menstrual Cycle in Athletic Performance

This project aims to reduce the ambiguity surrounding the menstrual cycle and sport performance, and shape monitoring and training practices of high performance female athletes through a series of studies. Primarily, the project examines the relationships between the menstrual cycle, training load and wellbeing over a longitudinal period. Robust biochemical techniques such as blood serum hormone analysis will be used to establish menstrual phases in athletes. Despite a growing interest in research on the female athlete, male-based research findings continue to be applied to females. Hence, the role of the menstrual cycle in sport performance and recovery has yet to be fully understood. This research will advance existing knowledge that is paramount to optimise athletic potential, especially at the elite level where marginal gains can give athletes a competitive edge.

PHD Student

Cherianne Taim

Cherianne graduated with a first-class honours degree in Sport Science and Management from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. She was previously a Sport Physiologist and researcher in the National Youth Sports Institute, Singapore. Cherianne has provided sport science support such as performance testing, athlete monitoring and training prescription to high performance youth athletes across a range of sports.


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