Biomechanics of Resisted Training

Resisted sprint training (RST) is an effective training modality for improving sprint performance. However, there is a lack of clarity around how it influences kinematics during RST both acutely and following training interventions. Katja’s project serves to provide novel experimental data in these areas, enhancing the scientific understanding of kinematic changes during RST providing a basis for future studies. The results of Katja’s project will help coaches to create more specific training plans and the optimal use of RST, possibly leading to a greater transfer from practice to performance. This is essential given the importance of speed and sprint performance in sport. Key outcomes of Katja’s project so far have been that load has a significant effect on resisted sprint kinematics during both acceleration and maximum velocity running and that team sport athletes and sprint athletes, respond to RST in a very similar manner. Moreover, stronger athletes might be able to handle a higher overload without displaying changes in kinematics.

PHD Student

Katja Osterwald

Katja has a BSc. in Rehabilitation/Prevention Therapy and Fitness (Sport Science) from Chemnitz, Germany. Katja has previously worked as a Senior Biomechanist and Research Assistant in a worldwide renowned Sports Medicine department, at the Sports Surgery Clinic in Dublin (SSC). Through this position she has extensive experience of 3D motion capture using Vicon Nexus, force plates (AMTI and ForceDecks), isokinetic dynamometry (Cybex Norm) and she has been exposed to both Electromyography (Delsys Trigno) and inertial measurement units (IMU) (TurningSense and Shimmer, Xsens) as well as analyzing and reporting back results to elite athletes and patients. Supervisors: Dr Ciarán Ó Catháin and Dr David Kelly. from Ulster University with a BSc Hons Human Nutrition. Ciara is an AfN accredited Associate Nutritionist (ANutr). As part of her undergraduate degree, Ciara completed her final year project “blood pressure and measures of vascular health in healthy individuals stratified by MTHFR genotype”. Ciara has an extreme passion for promoting health and has a goal to enhance cardiovascular health nationally.


Latest publications

Resisted sled sprint kinematics: the acute effect of load and sporting population KM Osterwald, DT Kelly, TM Comyns, CÓ Catháin – Sports, 2021.