Strength and Speed Adaptations in Female Team Sport Athletes

This project aims to evaluate the role of strength on speed adaptations (i.e., acceleration, maximum-velocity & ‘game’ speed) and investigate the effect of specific strength training (i.e., maximal-, explosive-strength) on speed in elite female team-sport athletes, specifically Ladies Gaelic Football players. The findings from this innovative project will provide evidence-based research that will inform decision making and best practice within elite female team-sports, specifically the Ladies Gaelic Football. Further, this project will contribute to bridging the gender data gap in sport and exercise science research. A review of the literature has indicated that strength training can improve sprint performance in female team-sport athletes, however, the magnitude of improvement in sprint performance was influenced by the strength quality (i.e., reactive-, maximal-, combined-, and special-strength) utilised in the intervention. 

PHD Student

William Hughes

William holds a MSc in Strength & Conditioning, graduating from Limerick Institute of Technology in 2015. William is also a practising Strength and Conditioning coach, working within Athletics, GAA and Rugby Union. Supervisors: Dr Kris Beattie, Dr Robin Healy, Dr Mark Lyons, Dr Clem Higginbotham, Dr Aoife Lane.

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