Practices in Exercise Promotion and Impact of Exercise Rehabilitation on Post-Menopausal Women in Ireland

This research project aims to explore both the promotion of physical activity for post-menopausal women in Ireland and investigate the impact of exercise rehabilitation in this population. The first phase of this study aims to capture the promotion of physical activity by the healthcare professionals working with post-menopausal women in Ireland. In addition, this phase will explore the perspectives of post-menopausal women on physical activity during this significant phase of aging. The second phase of this program aims to capture current physical activity levels of post-menopausal women and explore associations with a range of health-related indices. The final phase of this project will involve the design, implementation and evaluation of an exercise rehabilitation program targeted specifically at post-menopausal women in Ireland.

PHD Student

Rita de Cassia Trentz de Carvalho

Rita has more than 15 years of experience in the Sports and Fitness Industry in Brazil, Europe, and United Arab Emirates. She is passionate about helping people achieve a better quality of life through exercise and positivity. She graduated in Physical Education (Level 8, UniLassalle – Brazil, 2008). Growing old and Quality of life (Level 9, UFRGS – Brazil, 2013). Personal Trainer Level 5 (Dubai – UAE, 2019) and Strength and Conditioning (Level 8, Ireland, 2021). She has been working for Exwell Medical since 2022, teaching group-based exercises classes for people with chronic illness in Dublin