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Dr. Mairéad Cantwell is an assistant lecturer in the Department of Sport and Health Sciences at AIT. Mairéad graduated from Dublin City University with a first class honours degree in Sport Science and Health, and completed her M.Sc. at Liverpool John Moores University in Clinical Exercise Physiology, where she graduated with distinction. Mairéad worked as a clinical exercise physiologist in Ireland, the UK and Australia from 2011-2018 where she gained extensive experience in cardiac, pulmonary and oncology rehabilitation in both hospital and community-based settings. Mairéad completed her PhD at Dublin City University in 2019 in the area of oncology rehabilitation. Her PhD was funded by the Irish Cancer Society and Mairéad was the recipient of the Irish Cancer Society’s First PhD Researcher of the Year Award. Mairéad began her current role at AIT in 2018. Mairéad’s research interests focus on the development, implementation and evaluation of interventions for individuals living with chronic conditions (e.g. cancer, cardiovascular disease) and examining the effects of physical activity on indices of physiological and psychological health. Mairéad’s research interests also include the primary and secondary prevention of chronic disease in the workplace, and health behaviour change intervention development, implementation and evaluation.

Mairead's Peer Reviewed Publications

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