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Dr Robin Healy

Dr Robin Healy is an Assistant Lecturer in Sport Science in the Department of Sport and Health Sciences in AIT. Robin has a BSc in Sport and Exercise Sciences and completed his PhD in sports biomechanics from the University of Limerick in 2019. His PhD research focussed on the assessment of sprint performance and reactive strength in track sprinters. His current research interests include monitoring long term changes in sprint kinematics, kinetics and performance in team sports; improving assessment methods of high speed running and sprinting within training and match environments; and providing biomechanical support to evaluate and enhance performance in track and field athletics.

Robin's Research Projects

Speed Profiling in Ladies Gaelic Footbal

Robin's Peer Reviewed Publications

Braga Rodrigues, T., Ó Catháin, C., O’Connor, N.E. and Murray, N. (2020). A Quality of Experience assessment of haptic and augmented reality feedback modalities in a gait analysis system. PLoS ONE, 15(3), e0230570.

Ó Catháin, C., Richter, C. and Moran, K. (2020). Can directed compliant running reduce the magnitude variables associated with the development of running injuries? Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. In Press.

Ó Catháin, C., Fleming, J., Renard, M. and Kelly, D.  (2020).  Dietary Intake of Gaelic Football Players during Game Preparation and Recovery. Sports, 8, 62.