Lorcan Daly

Lorcan completed his undergraduate degree here in TUS, studying Sport Science with Exercise Physiology. Lorcan gained practical experience during his placement with Connacht rugby and engagement with numerous Gaelic teams. Lorcan has a keen interest in physical conditioning, workload and recovery which was further developed and guided by his supervisors David and Ciarán. Lorcan plans explore continue exploring these areas in the coming years as an affiliate of SHE research.


Physical Conditioning, Fatigue and Recovery within Gaelic Games

Project About

Reliance on data from other sports is a considerable factor in the determination of training, recovery and performance profiling within Gaelic games. This may not be sufficient to optimally address players preparation and recovery practices. With this in mind, our project aims to investigate the interplay between physical conditioning, workload and recovery responses/strategies across different sports, playing standards and sex in Gaelic athletes.

Practical Impact of Project

Findings from this research project may be used to help develop players components of fitness and optimise recovery strategies. Importantly, sport-specific training and recovery strategies may help increase competitive in-game workloads, reduce performance attenuation and alleviate post-match fatigue. Additionally, informed preparation for the demands of Gaelic games and more effective post-exercise recovery strategies may improve players sporting experiences and help promote long-term participation.

Major finding of project

Our work suggests Gaelic football players experience substantial fatigue and muscle damage following competitive match-play. Importantly, players with superior physical conditioning levels display lower post-match disturbances, even despite undertaking greater workloads. Finally, to cope with these demands’ players use active cool downs, application of cold, sleep routines and nutritional strategies.


Daly, L.S.; Catháin, C.Ó.; Kelly, D.T. Gaelic Football Match-Play: Performance Attenuation and Timeline of Recovery. Sports 2020, 8, 166. https://doi.org/10.3390/sports8120166


Dr. David Kelly and Dr. Ciarán Ó Catháin