Miriam Murphy

Miriam completed her undergraduate degree in Nutrition, Food Science and Health, and developed a particular interest in Public Health Nutrition. She went on to become a dietitian, to increase her understanding of this topic and found there was a gap in the research exploring nutrition and the menopause. She was excited to find that TUS were forming a research group to shed light on this, and other important research questions.


Exploration of Weight Variation, Body Composition and Body Shape during the Menopausal Transition in Females Living in Ireland

Project About

The aim of the project is to increase the understanding of a widely underexplored topic, the menopause, in relation to health and wellbeing. The participants of the study will be women at different stages of the transition from pre-, to peri-, to post- menopausal. Different topics including weight, body shape and body composition will be explored, alongside the lived experience of perimenopause for women in Ireland.

Practical Impact of Project

To date there has been very little research exploring the menopausal transition, especially within Ireland. A large percentage of women experience a symptomatic transition, impacting quality of life during this time. It is important to increase understanding of this area to better support these women and to inform future Public Health interventions.

Major finding of project

Perimenopausal women from around Ireland have been interviewed to gain an insight into their experiences. This data is currently being analysed and written up to tell the stories of these women through their own words. Symptoms, health and wellbeing, body shape changes and perception of weight will all be explored.



Dr. Patricia Heavey and Dr. Geraldine Cuskelly