Shaun Grassick

Shaun graduated with a honours degree in Sports Science with Exercise Physiology from Athlone IT in 2019 and is now currently in the third year of his PhD. Shaun is also a practising strength and conditioning coach, with experience in elite soccer and underage hurling.


An Investigation into Current and Novel Practices of High Intensity Interval Training to Elicit Improvements in the Performance of Team Sport Athletes

Project About

This project is aiming to gain a greater insight into the use of high intensity interval training (HIIT) in field based invasion team sports (FITS). In order to gain this insight we conducted a systematic literature review on sprint interval training (SIT), followed by a questionnaire examining FITS coaches HIIT practices. This information will aid us in the development of future interventions.

Practical Impact of Project

This project will clarify several aspects of coaches HIIT practices such as why it is used and what methods are utilised. The availability of such literature relating to the prescription and organization of HIIT sessions could be a vital source of information to aid in the development of players physical and sports performance.

Major finding of project

The major findings from our systematic literature review highlights SIT to be an equally effective alternative to traditional conditioning methods to improve aerobic capacity, anaerobic and sprint performance despite having a reduced volume of exercise and time commitment. However, there was a shortage of female participants, with just one of the included studies examining female athletes.Therefore, future research should explore the effects of SIT on female FITS athletes



 Dr Niamh Ní Chéilleachair, Dr David Kelly and Dr Ciarán Ó Catháin.