The Contribution of Organised Sport to Youth Physical Activity Levels

This research aimed to examine the physical activity levels of male and female adolescents that play Gaelic football, and to determine the contribution that playing this sport made to their overall daily physical activity levels. The results of this research so far have highlighted that the majority of adolescents were not meeting the physical activity guidelines, while male adolescents were significantly more active than their female peers. The results also demonstrated that playing Gaelic football provided a good opportunity for the adolescents to be physically active. However, they also spent over 50% of training time inactive, presenting an opportunity to increase time spent physically active. The next phase of the research aims to examine if a coach education programme can increase the amount of physical activity adolescent players attain during Gaelic football training sessions.

Kevin Gavin

Kevin has completed the BSc (Hons) in Athletic and Rehabilitation Therapy in Athlone Institute of Technology and is a Certified Athletic Therapist. Kevin has a paper under review and has presented at national and European conferences. Supervisors: Dr Kieran Dowd and Dr Aoife Lane.